Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy 1/2 Birthday Jacob!

Jacob is 6 months old!  He is really growing and changing so fast these day.

He is almost sitting up on his own now.  He has been able to hold himself up for a while now, but only for a few seconds before he tips over or folds forward.  His balance is getting much better.  He can stand for as long as he wants while holding onto our hands.  Even though Jacob still wants to move so badly, he still hasn't shown much interest in crawling.  He just lays on his tummy while kicking and moving his arms, all off the ground, and whines to be moved.  If the goal was to swim, instead of crawl, he looks like he would be going great! 

I think his new favorite thing is Oscar.  He loves him!  If Oscar is in the room, Jacob is watching him and usually laughing.  He loves to grab his hair and pull as hard as he can.  Oscar has been so good; he just sits and lets Jacob do whatever he wants! 

Jacob still hasn't said any recognizable words, but he talks all the time. I've even heard his mumble in his sleep!  He really likes to give hugs and touch faces.  As sweet as this is, it can be dangerous.  He has actually wiped my contact out before. 

He is still taking 5 bottles a day and has worked up to a jar and 1/2 of baby food as well.  So far, he likes most everything we've given him, but he seems to like fruit better than veggies.  He is also still napping well during the day.  Sleeping a night has been kinda iffy, but I blame a lot of that on teething.  He doesn't have any teeth yet, but his gums are still swollen and he pulls at them in the evenings. 

I don't have his official 6 month stats yet, but I will post again after his check-up next Wednesday.  I do have a 6 month picture!

Have a great day!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Our Easter celebration started last weekend.  We went to meet the Easter Bunny and took Jacob to the Easter festival at church Sunday afternoon.  I'm pretty sure he has no idea what's going on, but he has loved all the outdoor activites and of course, meeting the Easter Bunny!  

My parents, Kay-Kay and Papa got here Friday afternoon and we spent a lot of Friday and Saturday outside, enjoying the nice weather.  Jacob got his very own swing as an early Easter happy last time we went to see my parents, so it was nice for them to see how much he enjoys it now.

He would stay in that thing all day if I would let him! 

Saturday night, Jacob helped Papa put his new red wagon together. 
And of course, he had to make sure there was room for Oscar too!

Before the pictures of his Easter basket, I feel like I have to give a warning - this is not all from the Easter Bunny, but a collection of ALL his Easter happies from Kay-Kay and Papa, Mia and Teddy Bear, all of his great-grandparents, and the Easter Bunny. 

Needless to say, Jacob was a little overwhelmed on Easter morning!

He really enjoyed seeing all his new toys.  He looked at each one as he picked them up. 

After a while, he decided that chewing on the wagon was probably the best part!

We tried out best to get a good picture after church.  I think this may have been the hardest part of the whole weekend!  He was not interested in taking a picture at all.  He was interested in the roses and the cars passing by, but that was about it.  I am sure those cars driving down our street, along with any neighbors who looked outside got a good laugh watching us all try to get Jacob to smile for the camera!

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Friday - per request:)

We have had another relaxing week.  The weather has not been the best, so we have spent quite a lot of our time trying to find things to do inside...

We tried taking a family picture.

Jacob practices sitting up every day.
He would much rather relax though; sitting up can be so much work!

And his biggest accomplishment of the week...learning to hold his own bottle (although it requires both hands and a foot!)
He uses his foot to raise the bottle until it is empty.  Smart kid.

We went last Saturday to meet the Easter Bunny, but I will save those pics for an Easter post next week.  Until then, have a great weekend and Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy Boy!

It seems as if we have our happy boy back again, at least for now.  Jacob still whines and pulls at his gums some, but not like last week.  He is also getting closer to sleeping through the night again.  He's only made it through one whole night once, but he's closer and closer every night.  We are so relieved that Jacob is feeling better! 

We have taken advantage of all these smiles and taken a few cute pictures this week.

After church on Sunday...

Hanging out with Daddy during lunch...  he loves when A comes home during the day!

This last picture is just too cute.  I put Jacob in his jumper to keep him happy between his bath and his bedtime bottle, but apparently he was a lot sleepier than I thought!

Poor thing!  He plays so much now and spends so much energy trying his hardest to move that he just passes out at night! 
Have a great week!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Make it stop!

Our week back home has been pretty low-key.  We have been getting back in our routine and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Jacob has really developed quite an attachment to A this week as well.  I'm not sure if it is related to him being gone for a few days last week, or if it's just a normal thing.  He has always loved him and smiled when he saw him, but lately he has cried when he leaves the room.  It's kinda pitiful, but then it's so sweet to see how big he smiles when A walks back in. 

Jacob has also learned a cool new trick - he can put his toes in his mouth!

I think the motivation to put his toes in his mouth is closely related to his recent motivation to put anything and everything he can in his mouth.  We're pretty sure he is teething.  We know this because our happy, relaxed, laid-back baby is now fussing, crying, and just generally unhappy most of the day and night.  He has been sleeping for 10-12 hours a night, but not anymore.  We are lucky to get 4-5 hours before he wakes up and usually end up with him in our bed for the next 4-5 hours just so we can all 3 get some rest.  I'm really hoping one week of this will be enough for now, but I seriously doubt it!  I feel so bad for Jacob.  He just cries and fusses and looks at me like "make it stop!"  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will get a break soon.

And just one more thing, I'm curious who is reading now. Let me know who you are!  If you don't mind, leave me a comment or click "follow" at the side. ------>. Thanks!
Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had another great weekend in Mississippi visiting Kay-Kay and Papa.  A had a work retreat in Tunica, so Jacob and I went on to New Albany to have some fun time away from home.  Jacob had so much fun getting so see family. 
He played with his cousin Will.

He visited his two great-great grandmothers (no, that's not a typo!)

He spent some time checking out the great outdoors with Papa.

He loved watching my parents dog Mae.  She was much bigger than Oscar and more interesting.

Jacob had a great time playing with Kay-Kay!

How cute, all dressed up for church on Sunday!

And we all got to meet his new friend Sutton on Saturday.  How cute are these two?!

Driving to Mississippi with Jacob is always a chore and packing and unpacking these days feels more like moving, but the time we get to spend with family is worth it by far.  I know Jacob may be too young to really understand, but he definitely enjoys the time!  We can't wait for the next trip!