Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We had a very merry, very busy Christmas this year and it was so much fun!  I failed to post pictures from last weeks events, mostly because I didn't take any.  I know, sorry.  Jacob and I went with MMM carolling at the retirement home on Monday.  Jacob didn't carol, but he clapped and laughed the whole time! We finished up last minute holiday errands and to-do list Tuesday while it was yucky and rainy.  Wednesday was the playgroup Christmas party, which was a lot of fun!  Six little ones running around makes for an eventful afternoon!  Thursday was gymnastics and our Christmas celebration here for A, Jacob, and I. Friday we left for my parents. And some time in there, I baked 36, yes 36, dozen cookies and made lots of candy. Yeah, I'm tired just typing it, don't know how we made it through the week! 

A few pictures from Christmas at home...

We went to Christmas in Cotton Plant Friday night.  If you've never been, you should go.  That place is crazy!  It is a huge field full of Christmas lights.  It was pretty chilly, so we only walked through a small section, but Jacob seemed to love it.  He still doesn't like Santa (or the Grinch!), but he was pretty friendly with Frosty. 

Saturday was Christmas all day!  We had brunch with my dad's family and lunch with my mom's, so needless to say, we were stuffed and exhausted by afternoon!

After all the celebrations and a good nap, we had a little Christmas celebration and present opening with my parents.  Jacob had so much fun and didn't know what to do with all his gifts!

Christmas day was wonderful!  We went to church that morning.  They didn't have a nursery, so Jacob went to church with us for the first time.  That was interesting!  He loved the singing and even chimed in a few times while the preacher was preaching!  After church and lunch and a nice nap, we went to visit my great-grandmothers. 

Santa came to visit Jacob a little late on Christmas.  He must have known how busy we would be!  Jacob loved everything he brought!

And, just in case you've made it this far, I have a few more Christmas pictures to post!

Thanks for hanging in there with my longest post ever!  Happy Wednesday!

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